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Is It Safe To Travel To Los Cabos?

In short, yes, it is safe to travel to Los Cabos. If you’re thinking of visiting our slice of paradise, you’ll be one of approximately 3 million travelers coming to Los Cabos every year. The vast, overwhelming majority of those travelers have no problems whatsoever during their vacations. We’ll break down the safety question into different regions and then tell you what you need to know about Los Cabos safety concerns to alleviate any worries.

If you ever have questions about visiting us here in Los Cabos, feel free to reach out any time. We’re happy to tell you all about the fun adventure tours you can do here and how you can stay safe during your vacation.

Los Cabos aerial view from High Tide adventure tours
                                                                                      Welcome to Los Cabos!

Is it Safe to Travel to Mexico?

It’s important to remember that government warnings are often issued on a national level. So if you see, for example, a Level 3 warning for travel to Mexico issued by the US State Department, that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be concerned about booking a vacation to Los Cabos. That warning level could be due to an increase in crime on the other side of the country. It’s just like shootings in areas of the US that have no effect on the rest of the country’s safety.

At the time of writing, the vast majority of the world is in a Level 3 or higher warning due to Covid concerns. Notably, Baja California is only a Level 2 in spite of Covid.

Is Baja California Sur Safe for Travel?

The region where Los Cabos is located is called Baja California Sur. We wrote about our favorite things to do in Baja California, which includes the northern part of the peninsula, too. These two regions cover a massive peninsula and include an incredible variety of people and places. There are popular tourist destinations, peaceful beach towns, isolated desert communities, and infamous cities like Tijuana.

For tourists, general safety concerns for Baja California are often related to outdoor adventure sports and weather. As an arid desert area with wild terrain surrounded by water on all sides, there are plenty of ways to have fun outdoors here…but that also means there are ways to get hurt. That’s just part of the risk of racing through the desert or surfing big waves in the Pacific Ocean! 

And that’s also why we recommend booking with professional, reputable tour operators like High Tide who can guide you and keep you safe during your outdoor adventures.

High Tide Los Cabos adventure tour - two 4x4 jeep driving through the desert on a guided tour
                            Feel safe and confident during a guided 4×4 tour through the desert with High Tide

As for other safety concerns in this region, tourists are rarely involved in local disputes or altercations. As with all popular tourist areas around the world, however, you should be wary of pickpockets and such crimes of convenience.

Is Los Cabos Safe for Tourists?

Now let’s dive into Los Cabos safety concerns. As mentioned, popular tourist areas around the world can be targets for pickpockets or similar crimes of convenience. Just like you would in a busy European capital city, watch your belongings and take care in crowded spaces.

Generally speaking, Los Cabos is perfectly safe for those who exercise regular caution. When you visit Los Cabos, you’ll want to enjoy all the fun activities and the beautiful landscape we have here. A huge part of that enjoyment will depend on you taking certain safety precautions to ensure you make only fun, happy memories. 

High Tide Los Cabos adventure tours - hiking through Fox Canyon the safety of a professional tour guide giving a helping hand along rock formations

    Hiking with a professional guide ensures your safety in an arid, unfamiliar destination. Our High Tide guides                                                                       are always here to give you a helping hand!

Staying safe in Los Cabos means taking several things into account on a daily basis:

  1. Be careful in the sun

Many tourists suffer from bad sunburns that can really cause discomfort and prevent you from enjoying your vacation to the fullest. Wear sunscreen or cover your skin to avoid the bad burns. Use umbrellas if you’re out on the beach for extended periods of time. Better to go home looking sunkissed than like a lobster!

Tourist sitting under the shade of beach umbrellas during a surfing demonstration by High Tide Los Cabos instructor

                                      We keep our guests in the shade as often as possible during our surf lessons
  1. Heed any beach warnings

Some beaches around Los Cabos can experience big waves and strong currents. Always pay attention to signs and warnings to be sure you stay safe.

  1. Alcohol and the sea don’t mix well

Be very careful if you’re planning to enjoy multiple beverages while out on the beach. Swimming in the open ocean, or doing any water-based activities at all, requires your full capacity for safety.

  1. Listen to professional advice

If you’re doing any of the fun activities we have available here in Los Cabos, you should always listen to the advice of professional tour guides and operators. Know the safety protocols and ensure you understand how to operate any vehicles or equipment.

  1. Watch your belongings

If you’re out on the beach and leave your bags to go swimming, make sure someone is watching out for your stuff. It’s all too easy to have things stolen if you’re nowhere nearby and not paying any attention. Try to leave any valuables in a safe in your hotel room or vacation rental instead of carrying them on you all day. Go have fun and leave those things behind!

Stay Safe While on Vacation in Los Cabos

Staying safe in Los Cabos really means taking the same precautions you would anywhere else. Remember that this is a very popular tourist destination, so some people will try to take advantage of that. Just like you would in any European city, watch your valuables and be careful with your alcohol intake so you have your wits about you.

If you’re thinking of doing some fun activities while you’re in Los Cabos, we highly recommend you go with a reputable, professional tour operator. Renting your own gear and going out without a guide isn’t as much fun…or as safe!

At High Tide Los Cabos, we can show you around and ensure your safety while you’re kayaking, hiking, or driving a 4×4 through the desert. Take a look at all our adventure tours in Los Cabos and let us take care of the safety precautions. Contact us if you have any questions about booking with High Tide Los Cabos!

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